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Blog | Glitter and Pine

  • 25 Weeks 🤰🏽 

    Easter Sunday was the highlight of my pregnancy so far! 6:30am I was laying awake in bed when I felt her little nudge for the first time ♥️ then a few more ‘elbows’ followed! I woke Corey up right away so he could join in on my excitement... he unfortunately was too groggy to understand/comprehend what was happening and missed the kicks, but informed me that I looked elated!
  • The Big Reveal

    To say we were excited would be an understatement 💖🤰🏽yesterday was definitely the most exciting day of pregnancy so far (of course seeing babe on the ultrasounds is just as amazing!) I cannot wait for the upcoming weeks when I finally feel baby girl kick for the first time!

  • Worth The Wait

    You have been my rock these last few months. Going through the ups and downs of pregnancy with me, you’re taking it like a champ. My moods swings and nausea, the constant naps and cravings, you’ve been there every step of the way to make sure I’m feeling my best.

  • Girl's Best Friend

    If you know me, you know that I am completely and 100% obsessed with our dog, Cali! I’ve seen so many videos of Goldens meeting their siblings for the first time, or watching them play together as they get older. I am beyond excited for those moments.
  • Au Naturel

    The smell of the essential oils and the added benefits of using a natural product just adds to why I love this! Anything to help keep babe and I safe from harsh chemicals, sign me up! 
  • Sunday Funday

    Pregnancy is such an exciting time in anyone’s life, but most like to keep it hush hush until it’s ‘safe’ to announce it. So many things can happen in those first 3 months, and even after that. It’s this big amazing secret that most feel they should keep to themselves until the timing is right. We were one of those couples. We waited until 14 weeks to officially announce it.
  • Roller Coaster

    Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love being preggers (minus the urges to throw up at the sight of food or smells) but being in my second trimester is already proving to be far better in terms of how I’m feeling! The nips still hurt, but I have way more energy, an appetite and I’m feeling more like myself everyday. And the fact that babe is already starting to pop just makes everything that much sweeter
  • 15 Weeks

    15 Weeks Pregnant 

    While on our honeymoon in Kauai we went on a raft tour along the Napali Coast (which was absolutely incredible) with @capt.andys. I highly recommend it!
    Captain Ted and Keanu were our captains for the day and they gave us such a memorable experience! 

  • 2-3 Weeks...

    That whole day just didn't feel real.  I was in shock.  I went to the store and bought more tests to make sure it was 100%.  I wrapped up a positive test in wrapping paper and told my husband I must have missed this ‘gift’ under the Christmas tree.