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25 Weeks 🤰🏽 

pregnant dueces | Glitter and Pine

I know, I know, I've been MIA the last few weeks!!

We have been slowly starting to get things done around our house before babe comes! Getting my dad to do the last minute renovations and touch ups around our house - he’s been an angel with all my requests! He’ll be adding wainscoting to baby girls room in the next few weeks so I’ll be sure to post updates of the nursery 😊 I cannot believe she’ll be here in 15 weeks! 

Easter Sunday was the highlight of my pregnancy so far! 6:30am I was laying awake in bed when I felt her little nudge for the first time ♥️ then a few more ‘elbows’ followed! I woke Corey up right away so he could join in on my excitement... he unfortunately was too groggy to understand/comprehend what was happening and missed the kicks, but informed me that I looked elated! It was the coolest thing I have ever felt! I cannot even explain it. My mom was able to feel her kick this past weekend as well! Babe gave her Nana a couple good jabs! It’s the most exciting feeling in the world feeling her bump around in there! 

My Ovia Health app says she is the size of an ear of corn this week weighing around 550g and measuring about 32.5cm! 

I’m feeling so good and so excited about all the things to come 💖

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