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Roller Coaster

So far pregnancy has been a bundle of crazy emotions, aversions, exhaustion, gas, (sorry to any guys who don’t believe women fart. If women can ‘queef’ then we can most definitely fart, so get used to it!) extremely sore nipples, constipation and nausea to name a few things. 

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love being preggers (minus the urges to throw up at the sight of food or smells) but being in my second trimester is already proving to be far better in terms of how I’m feeling! The nips still hurt, but I have way more energy, an appetite and I’m feeling more like myself everyday. And the fact that babe is already starting to pop just makes everything that much sweeter 

This morning however, was not one of those amazing second trimester days. My husband and I went for my monthly checkup. At the end of our appointments our doctor checks babes heart rate. I got to hear it last time I was in, and it was incredible!

My doctor tried for a couple minutes to get a read on the Doppler but all we could hear was my heartbeat. She pushed at my stomach to try and move babe around. Put the Doppler to my stomach again, and still nothing. She could for sure see panic on my face. I don’t even think I made eye contact with Corey. She told me that it was a little unusual to not hear the heartbeat at 15 weeks but it was likely nothing to worry about as I haven’t had any bleeding or cramping. She booked me an ultrasound as soon as I left her office. 

That 30 minute car ride to the ultrasound appointment was the longest half hour ever. Corey kept reassuring me that everything was fine, and if it wasn’t, we would still be fine. He could tell I was quietly losing it. I was terrified. 


The technician saw the heartbeat right away. I almost cried. She took all the measurements and and we got to see babe moving around, the facial features already so much clearer then last time. The spine, arms and legs. It’s truly amazing.

Pregnancy is the most extraordinary feeling. Experiencing every possible emotion there is. I wouldn’t change it for the world ♥️

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