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The Big Reveal

The Big Reveal | Glitter and Pine

To say we were excited would be an understatement 💖🤰🏽yesterday was definitely the most exciting day of pregnancy so far (of course seeing babe on the ultrasounds is just as amazing!) I cannot wait for the upcoming weeks when I finally feel baby girl kick for the first time!

I’m not going to lie, Corey and I talked about it before we found out and he told me he was hoping for a boy. He said he feels like you naturally want what you are. Which makes total sense. But you can see it in his face, he is just as happy with the outcome of a girl! Everyone (for the most part) was convinced we were having a girl. My mom swore it was a boy- boys run in the fam.

Up until the night before, I honestly had zero idea what I thought it was. I think I convinced myself it was a boy, maybe because I was secretly hoping for a girl first! Don’t get me wrong, whatever the colour of that smoke bomb, I was going to be equally excited and love that sweet babe all the same! But being an only child, and having the bond and relationship I have with my own Mom, it just makes things that much sweeter knowing I can have that with our first baby girl 💖 and we can always try for a second(boy) for Corey 💙

I am so, so excited to watch Corey with her. I know he is going to be best, sweetest, caring dad for our daughter! My heart couldn’t be any more full! 

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