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My Story

Working as a supply teacher, waiting for that phone call at 6:00am to find out if I’d be working that day put things into perspective.  Change is positive.  Every morning I’d dream about staying home and working on my own projects. As time went on, my inner desire to work for myself manifested and I decided to explore making handcrafted products. The appeal of not setting an alarm, working with my own schedule and walking the dog with a fresh cup of coffee was real. Glitter and Pine was born.



Glitter & Pine started with a simple idea in mind: Make high-quality, beautiful products that I would buy.

Handcrafted products for people who enjoy the simple things in life.  Some music by the lake in the summer or a glass of wine and a movie.  We do our best to stay true to our values.  Our products are designed to appeal to those who value the people (and animals!) closest to them.